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Thursday, November 3, 2016

The New What's New on

One of the options under the newly redesigned "Get Help" link on the startup page is the What's New. In the past, this feature was not particularly up-to-date, but now it seems to be more extensive and helpful. Here is a screenshot of the Get Help menu showing the link.

In fact, the main new feature discussed for October, 2016 is the redesign of the Help Center. The article on the changes contains the following explanation:
The FamilySearch Help Center has been improved to help you in your family history efforts:
  • The Get Help menu contains fewer options.
  • You can now search for help content directly from the Get Help menu.
  • Searches now include the Learning Center, research wiki, and knowledge articles. You previously had to search each resource separately.
  • Within the Learning Center (which contains video, presentations, and other training-type content), you can now see related courses organized into a series.
One of the "fewer options" is the lack of any links to the Learning Center or any other resources on the website. Once you get to the Help Center, you get a search field with no other links. If you search for the Learning Center, with all its instructional videos, you might find the following explanation.
The almost 800 videos and lessons from the Learning Center are in process of being transferred from the old to the new Learning Center. We appreciate your patience if a lesson that you need is temporarily unavailable.
So apparently, the Learning Center has disappeared for a while. I was able to find links to some of the videos, but the links to the Learning Center seem to take me to the Help Center search. I will write about the new Learning Center when it appears.

From the rest of the What's New for October, 2016 document, it looks like the 2 year expiration date for reserved Temple ordinances may begin to be enforced. There may be quite a few green temple icons that show up in the next month or so.

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