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Friday, November 4, 2016

The Changing Face of Memories on

FamilySearch has been actively revamping and changing the format of the Memories section of Above is the new "list" view of your personal Gallery. You might also note that you can select to view either all of the items, just photos, just documents, just stories or just audio files. You can use the grid icon at the top right to switch back to the more familiar view, such as is shown below.

There is also a pull-down menu to sort the items in different ways. Here is a screenshot of the menu:

When you click on a photo, you have additional options.

The navigation links to "Previous" and "Next" have been added recently. But the most changes have been made to the "People" pages.

The extra photos included for each person shows you that there are such extra photos and the stars are there to let you "watch" the people. If you watch the person, FamilySearch will send you a weekly email notice about any changes made. In addition, there is a new link to show your relationship to the person. The images can also now be viewed by last name rather than just the first name of the individuals.

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  1. A useful feature of the gallery list view that I appreciate is the addition of an icon indicating the image is not attached to the individual and an icon indicating you have received a comment on a photo.