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Sunday, April 16, 2017

100 Questions Answered by The Family History Guide

100 Questions … and Answers
Quoting from The Family History Guide Newsletter:
I've told this story in quite a few presentations and Family History Fairs. People have often asked me, "How did The Family History Guide get started?" My answer is this: "I was volunteering at the Sandy Granite (Utah) Family History Center in 2014 and noticed that many of the guests coming in would ask the same questions. So I put together a short Q&A document with answers to the questions and links to where they could find more information online. That soon expanded into a list of videos as well, and soon I was looking at developing a full-fledged learning system for family history, with Projects, Goals, Choices, Steps … and you know the rest." 
I was thinking about that original Q&A list recently and decided to expand it and update it with a version that points to answers in The Family History Guide. Now the document contains 100 questions that people are likely to ask at a family history center, or anywhere else, about doing basic genealogy. 
Using the 100 Questions Document 
The 100 Questions … and Answers document can be downloaded from this page: It's also available in the Training > Tools page of The Family History Guide. 
You can use these questions to test your overall knowledge of family history, and if you're a consultant, it's a great way to see how well you can use The Family History Guide to point people to the answers. (One of my mantras is, "You don't need to know all the answers; just point people to them.") Also, you can add your own questions to the doc. 
The document is in Word format so you can resort the table. The first column is by category (Adoption, Memories, Navigation, etc.), and the second column is by Project. So if you want to order the questions by Project instead of by category, you can sort the table of questions by the Project column (Table > Layout > Sort in Microsoft Word). Links are provided in the Projects column that point to the Projects and Goals (with occasional Choices) for the answers in The Family History Guide.
I hope you enjoy using these 100 Questions from The Family History Guide. Be sure you subscribe to their newsletter to get notice of other wonderful additions to the free, online program.

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