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Thursday, April 20, 2017 Online Resources for Temple and Family History Consultants

As soon as the changes to the structure and names of the Family History Consultants and Advisers were changed to "Temple and Family History Consultants," the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began to dramatically increase the number of resources on, the official Church website. We have been getting emails regularly notifying us of newly added resources. I have a rather extensive list of web pages left to highlight.

One of the interesting aspects of these current changes is that the implementation is entirely online. Even handouts and the guide books and manuals are being disseminated online rather than through paper copies being sent to the Stakes and Wards. The effect of this change is obvious, those leaders who are aware of the need to check for new information online are becoming well informed of the changes, but those who ignore email and do not look at are simply operating without the guidance of the leaders of the Church. Although it took the Church a while to go online, all of the resources now available are either partially or exclusively available for English-speaking leaders and members online rather than in print format.

As shown in the screenshot above, there is a specific page of dedicated to the Temple and Family History Consultants and their duties. See The sections are linked by the image icons and include the following:

Over the past few years, as I travel around the country and talk to the previously designated Family History Consultants, one of the most common complaints has been a lack of training. Now, there is no excuse. All of the detailed training needed is readily available to the newly designated Temple and Family History Consultants in the English-speaking world. How long will it take for the Stakes and Wards to use these resources and make the changes and teach the members? That is the question of the day. 

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