Genealogy from the perspective of a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon, LDS)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 and Family History is the source for many valuable family history resources, but is the source for information about the interaction of the members and family history within the Church organization. does not duplicate the resources of FamilySearch, but it does give insight into the way family history functions in the Church.

I am frequently talking to Ward Family History Consultants, High Priest Group Leaders, Bishops, High Councilors, and even Stake Presidents about family history. I find that there is a general lack of knowledge about the function of the family history program in the Church and a particular lack of understanding about the roles the which these various individuals are responsible. This lack of awareness is certainly not due to any lack of resources. The instructions and suggestions available on the website are extensive and specific.

The main entry into the online materials is the Family History Topics page on Links are provided to the following topics:

Combined Lesson
Missionary Opportunities
Media Library
Inspiring Messages

For example, I am aware of Wards that have no Family History Consultants that have been called from among the Ward members. This is surprising given the counsel from the First Presidency in a letter dated October 8, 2012 that says, in part:
The First Presidency said, “Priesthood leaders should assure that young people and their families learn the doctrine of turning their hearts to their fathers and the blessings of temple attendance” (“Names for Temple Ordinances,” First Presidency letter, October 8, 2012).
The Leader Resources teach this important principle and many others.  The instructions and materials on the website provide information for every individual with a family history responsibility, including individual members and families.

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  1. Or there are members called as Family History consultants who seem to make no effort to keep up with all the changes and all the wonderful and useful aids that are now available.