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Friday, November 10, 2017

FamilySearch Family Tree App Now Maps Your Ancestors

The Family Tree app now has a mapping program included that maps the location of the events in your ancestors' lives. However, with any app linked to the Family Tree, you need to remember that the information provided is only as accurate as the entries in the Family Tree. This is additional reason for standardizing you entries in the Family Tree.

Allison Ensign has written an expanded description of the features of the mapping function in a blog post on the FamilySearch Blog, entitled, "What's New: Map Your Ancestors." I suggest going to this blog post to get a more detailed explanation of the app's operation.

It seems that FamilySearch incorporates functions that appear in other third-party apps. For example, The Family Nexus is a full featured, free app that has a more detailed and sophisticated mapping function.
I suggest taking a good look at The Family Nexus and the new function on the Family Tree app.

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