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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

FamilySearch website changes to affect Ancestral Quest

The popular Ancestral Quest genealogy program will be affected by changes to the programming of the website. Here is the announcement from Ancestral Quest:
FamilySearch API: FamilySearch is scheduled to retire the web address currently used by AQ to communicate with FS on 12/5/2017. This build uses the new address. Once FamilySearch retires the old API address, all older versions and builds of AQ will no longer be able to sync with FS or retrieve FS Hints. Users must use this build or a subsequent build to continue to sync with FS or retrieve hints from FS.
An API is a potential link to the data and/or functions of a website that can be used by outside third-party programmers.  Changes made to the API can prevent a third-party developer from accessing the program, hence the difficulties anticipated.

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