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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Join the Famous People on the FamilySearch Family Tree

I guess I got started with this by looking at Relative Finder, but there is always another way to get people interested in the Family Tree and looking around. You have to remember that the Family Tree is open to the world so logically, it should have nearly every famous person who had any posterity. Here is my first example.

I suggest that you leave all of these entries alone and make no significant additions or edits unless you really are related to these people, but they are interesting to find. Here is another.

Here's one a little more obscure.

You can always go back a bit in time to find people you really appreciate.

I might as well complete this tour with another somewhat obscure person, but if you know me well, you can probably guess my reason for including three of these people.

Just in case you can't guess what I am doing here, I was going to give you one more clue that would help but he is not dead yet.

Just one last example.

That was going to be my last entry, but I couldn't resist at least one woman.


  1. I think there are multiple Eves in the family tree. The one I saw had artistic photos for her profile picture and then there was another profile with another artistic photo. To think I thought there was only two Eve profiles? Oh the horror. Seems like some merging needs to happen but I don't have any documentation to prove the facts. Guess I'll stick to folks closer to me on the tree.(This is my sad attempt at humor with facts. Did it come across?)

    I'm uncertain of your specific intent but I had to comment in the Eve thing. Looking forward to seeing if anyone else can articulate your purpose.

    1. Thanks, I was just showing how you can get carried away looking for "historical" people.

  2. Most famous people have multiple records on Family Tree. But there will only be one that is maintained by FamilySearch. When you come across the FS created record, it will be a read-only record which cannot be edited by anyone but the person authorized to create it. And temple ordinances will read as 'not available,' although work for the person has been done multiple times. FamilySearch has a group of people who are or become experts on these famous people, and using the best sources that can be acquired, make these records. This was one of the jobs done by Data Quality and The Historical Families Reconstitution Zone of the Family History Department.