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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Update on the FamilySearch App Gallery

I started poking around in the App Gallery and found several of the apps were no longer linked to a website. Apparently, FamilySearch has yet to weed out the apps, such as Family Tree Maker from and StoryPress that are no longer available. It is not unusual for apps (or previously programs) to go out of production. I haven't kept a running list of the apps on the website, but it appears that the total number is staying about the same. There are presently 113 apps listed up from the last time I focused on the number when it was 111 apps but with the ones that are no longer functioning, the number has actually gone down.

When the App Gallery first comes up, it shows some "New and Noteworthy" apps. Most of the ones shown are not new and some of the new ones are not shown either. It looks like the App Gallery itself needs some attention. I may be mistaken due to the fact that I haven' t looked at the App Gallery for a while.

That said, there is one "new" (at least new to me) app. It is called Place Research by FamilySearch. Here is a screen shot of the app's page.

This is an app or program, but it is really a link to the Place Research section of the website I have written about recently. Here is a screenshot of the program.

It is probably a good idea to list some of these website functions or sections as apps since there does not seem to be an obvious link to them within the website itself. The "app" is described as follows:
As time progresses places are built, destroyed, renamed or conquered. As researchers track family histories across centuries, it becomes important to track the historical context of places as well. 
Place Research is a FamilySearch application which provides access to standardized information about locations. This information is used by several FamilySearch applications to assist researchers.
From time to time I will return to the App Gallery to highlight additional offerings. We are rapidly coming up on RootsTech 2016 and I expect we will have several new additions after the Conference.


  1. I used to use the Standard Finder at occasionally, but it appears that this Place Research site has replaced it and I have used Place Research now and then since. I find it is not perfect but it is useful. This is the message at the Standard Finder site now: "Place Standard Finder is no longer supported and has been replaced by the Place Research Tool. The new Place Research Tool performs the same functionality of the old tool and more. Please use the feedback link at the bottom of the page to help us add any new places, share any corrections to existing places, or let us know how we can improve the tool."