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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Naming Your New Baby? A Family History Challenge

Anyone who has researched a long list of ancestors with the same given names realized the challenge of differentiating people based on their names alone. Whether or not you are one of those people who look to ancestral names for inspiration about what to name a new baby, you can find out a lot about your ancestor's naming patterns with a new app in the App Gallery called Baby Ancestry.

The new app is described as follows:
Baby name suggestions from your family history! Baby Ancestry scans your ancestors and provides a list of name suggestions. Tap a name to see the people, pictures, and stories behind that name. Easily view boy names, girl names, or both. We hope you find the perfect name for your precious little one!
Of course, I couldn't resist searching my own ancestry. Here are part of the results down to the point where the program only found one person with the name. Each name is linked to someone in the Family Tree.
It is interesting that only about eight of these names appear among my own children and grandchildren. I guess we weren't into "Mindwell" and "Lars." If you would like a little diversion and an insight into the naming patterns here in Utah, here is a popular video from

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