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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Some Ideas from GetSatisfaction for the FamilySearch Family Tree

If you have an issue or a question about the website, you can send Feedback and sometimes get an answer. The "Feedback" link is on the bottom of each page of the website. You can also send Feedback from the Help Center. Here are some screenshots showing the location of these message centers.

Feedback at the bottom of the webpages.

Get Help in the upper right-hand corner of every webpage on

You can send a message by clicking on the "Send Message" link. Every inquiry is assigned a "case number" and you can follow up by referring to that number. There is also a link to all of your "cases."

As you can see, from time to time, I too have issues with the website. Now, you may not know it, but there is another avenue to voice concerns, ask questions and make suggestions. It is called GetSatisfaction. Here is the link: You can see the screenshot above.

During the next week or so, I will be focusing on issues raised on the GetSatisfaction website.

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