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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Find All the Stories

The App Gallery on is a very interesting place to find helpful, educational, and sometimes fun apps or programs that are related to family history. Not all the apps are "FamilySearch Certified" and not all the apps may be of interest, but some have proved to me to be indispensable. One of the apps that I recently explored is called "All the Stories." It has a rather simply understood concept. It finds all the stories added to the Memories section. You open the program and then sign in to Once you click to start the searching process, the program takes a few minutes to compile a list of all the stories added to in your ancestry. The program finally produces a linked chart of where the stories are located along with the list. At the beginning of this post is a screenshot of the diagram.

That's it. That's all the program does. But hovering over the spots on the diagram, shows you the number of stories and your relationship to the person with the stories.

If you click on one of the dots, the program gives you a linked list of that person's stories.

Clicking on one of the stories opens a copy of the story directly in the program.

You also have the option of viewing the story directly on This is the kind of an app that has the potential of being added as a future feature directly in the Memories.


  1. Hi, James! I downloaded this program "all the stories" and really enjoyed it. Now, it won't load. Has it been removed?

    1. Not that I know. I just tried it and it went directly to my previous list of stories. Try logging in again. Otherwise I haven't any idea what is going on.