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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The FamilySearch Memories App

The Memories App for Android and iOS devices is a convenient way to add images directly to the website in for Memories attached to individuals in the Family Tree.

You can add a photo directly from your camera roll and then tag the photo and attach it to people in the Family Tree. Here is a grave marker I photographed this past weekend uploaded to the Memories App.

I can then tag the image to someone in the Family Tree

The image then appears on the Memories section of their Detail page. Here is Samuel Linton's Memories page.

It looks like I have two photos of the grave marker, so I, since my photo shows more detail and is in the sunlight. If the other contributor wishes to keep their photo, that is fine, but then the other person also has the option of deleting their duplicate photo in favor of one with more detail and better lighting.

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