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Monday, May 19, 2014

Deleting Legacy Disputes on FamilySearch Family Tree

As the remaining data is converted from to Family Tree, there is sometimes a measure of out-dated or no longer appropriate information transferred over. Some of the areas where this shows up are the Notes section and the Discussions. I suppose you could just ignore these issues, but to prevent further problems, these "additions" become part of the general housekeeping activities of the Family Tree program. Here is a screenshot of the bottom of a Details page showing the two areas where this carried-over information may show up:

Some of the notes carried over have already been deleted, but there is a new entry called "Legacy Disputes." Most of these disputes arose out of the inability of the users to make changes to the data in Here is a screenshot showing the results of clicking on the Legacy Dispute and expanding it so the whole Dispute could be seen.

This particular Dispute arose out of the fact that someone had added in a person who was not a child in that family. This issue is now easily resolved in Family Tree by editing the relationship of the inappropriately added child. Hence, there is no longer a need for this particular Discussion and it can be deleted also.  Which I did after using it as an example. You can see a more expanded discussion of this issue on the FamilySearch Blog at "Discussions: Users Can Now Delete Legacy Disputes."

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