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Monday, May 19, 2014

Pre-vacation warning

I guess I should post something every day for a while. My wife and I are going on a real vacation. This time to Canada and Alaska. I understand from some preliminary research, that I may not have much of a connection to telephones or computers. So I may disappear on May 22nd and not reappear until sometime after June 12th. It is our 47th Wedding Anniversary, so it is about time we took a non-working vacation. If you feel the need, you can always go back and re-read some of the more complicated posts and make your appropriate comments. I will respond to all the comments once I get back online. The backlog of email and reader posts should keep me busy for a long time after we get back. Oh, by the way, when we do "get back" we will be making our nearly final move to Provo, Utah, just in time to have a reunion with most of our children and their families.

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