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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What is the Pedigree Resource File?

Unless you have been involved in genealogy and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for some considerable time, you may not be familiar with some of the many programs available through used to research and gather genealogical data. One of these programs, that is sill active, is the Pedigree Resource File (PRF).

The Pedigree Resource File began in 1999 with the ability to contribute names by uploading a GEDCOM file to the then recently implemented website. The original idea was to use the PRF to "backup" your data from Personal Ancestral File. These backup files were then compiled into a series of CDs. These CD collections, usually four CDs to a set, were then available through the Church Distribution System. Ultimately, some of the contributed set of files have been made available on

The Pedigree Resource File contains user submitted family history information. There are certain important limitations on the data. These are set forth in the Research Wiki article as follows:
  • Submitters are responsible for the accuracy of the information. FamilySearch does not check the accuracy of any contributed genealogy.
  • Information in Pedigree Resource File is second-hand. Verify the information before accepting it.
  • Submitter information, previously available, is now hidden for privacy reasons.
  • Pedigree Resource File contains many errors and unlike the new FamilySearch Tree, corrections are not accepted. Submitters are advised to make another submission that includes corrections. However, both old and new submissions are left in Pedigree Resource File.
To find the current copy of the PRF, click on the Search link from the startup page. The collection is available in the link entitled "Genealogies." Here is a screen shot of the Genealogies page showing the PRF:

You can either click or not click the check box to include or not include a search in the PRF. Remember, none of the information is verified and all information should be checked for sources. 

If you go to the bottom of the Genealogies page, you will see instructions for contributing your own file to the PRF collection. Here is a screenshot showing the explanation for doing this:

Contributing a file to the PRF is also a step in the process of uploading a file to the Family Tree. 

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