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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Discover Your Relatives in Obituaries is making a huge effort to add obituaries to its already massive collection of digital records. When I accept this invitation to view the obituary list, this is what I found when I clicked on the above link that appeared on my startup page:

I'm not exactly sure how to get to this page if you still are using the standard view of the startup page other than using a link on the still Beta version of the startup page.

The obituaries should be searchable in the Historical Record Collections, but the question is how would you know to search for one? I have yet to see any of these obituaries show up as Record Hints. This is a very valuable feature for just the reason that I would not be likely to go out and search for all these people's sources without this kind of suggestion.

The Historical Record Collections contains the following list of obituary collections:

In my experience, most of the online obituaries up until now, have only gone back a few years. It is extremely helpful to have obituaries that are from older newspapers especially when they are indexed.


  1. Here is a presentation on not only Obits but other campaigns planned, started, where now? Badges and other things. It will be interesting to see what actually gets pushed forward

  2. Today April 22, obits are on the traditional FS home page