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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Watch Your Ancestors on the FamilySearch Family Tree

Every individual on the Family Tree can be watched by anyone who is interested. It is a good idea to watch anyone in the Family Tree you are "working on" or anyone who might be changed by other family members. Watching is a two-way street. You might be watching for the changes made by others and they might be watching your own changes. FamilySearch has indicated that they may add a notice telling anyone making a change, how many people are watching the individual being changed.

The image above shows part of my own Watch List. In addition, you can switch the list to show all of the changes made and then you can filter out all of your own changes.

Using the watch function is a powerful tool in maintaining the integrity of the Family Tree. It may seem bothersome to "fix" inappropriate changes, but the only way that users of the Family Tree will be helped in making appropriate changes is to respond to changes quickly and appropriately.

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  1. you will now see a notice when making a change indicating x number of people are watching this person.