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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Examine your portion of the FamilySearch Family Tree with Find-A-Record

I have been getting more and more use out of the FamilySearch Certified utility program,, What I particularly like is the ability to turn off and on specific issues with the Family Tree. The general subjects are listed in the colored boxes shown in the screenshot above. They are:

  • Sources
  • Person
  • Relationships
  • Problems
  • Cleanup
  • Ordinances
My own experience is that if you leave the default setting with all the boxes checked you will likely be overwhelmed at the number and variety of issues that need to be addressed. I have been unchecking all of the boxes and then going into the subcategories listed below each box to work on a specific detail of the Family Tree. For example, if I open the Problems list, I get the following options:

If I want to see only the Possible Duplicate Persons, then I uncheck all of the other boxes in all of the other categories and subcategories and then the program will find a list of all the duplicates in my portion of the Family Tree going back by generation. Here is the list I get when I make a check just in this one box.

This ability to focus on one type of issue or problem is very valuable. I have been using the program to provide examples for teaching classes about merging. If you really want a quick way to look at specific issues, this is a good program to use. 


  1. Ya, that's a good suggestion. I think you have to do the same thing using puzzilla.

  2. Thanks for the tip, one problem is that it shows Find a Marriage Date under Relationships for the wives in my line and not the husbands. When I check the Family Tree there are valid marriage dates and places entered.