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Friday, January 6, 2017

Legacy Tale: Leaving a Legacy of Faith

Welcome to Legacy Tale

Legacy Tale is service oriented business operated by Ben and Hilarie Robison from Moapa Valley, Nevada. They have a variety of resources and services for writing a personal history for yourself or a loved one- everything from do-it-yourself to complete custom writing and publishing. As described by the website:
Collecting, organizing and writing those memories can be both challenging and intimidating. That is why we developed a question and interview process that triggers remembrances. The result is a legacy tale of eternal value.

They also maintain a blog on the website. The website indicates that they do not just publish your book, but they help with an interview and writing. Some of the content of the website is operated as a subscription service but they do offer some free resources.

I am always interested in learning about websites and organizations, commercial or otherwise, that promote family history and the preservation of memories and photos. I have listed this website on my list of LDS-oriented websites. If you know of such a website that includes a blog post, let me know so I can add it to my page. Here is a screenshot showing the link to the list.

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