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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Family History Guide at #RootsTech 2017

I have been involved in using and now supporting The Family History Guide for quite some time for the simple reason that I think it is the best, available way to learn and teach genealogical research and the Family Tree. As I have mentioned in previous posts, my wife and I have been asked to serve on the Advisory Board for the program. The Family History Guide is a free program created, operated and maintained by a non-profit L3C corporation. I was recently asked to help promote the program by teaching at their booth at #RootsTech 2017.  The plan is to have a schedule for miniclasses at The Family History Guide RootsTech booth, #1133. There are 9 different classes planned for a total of 45 sessions - all free. All of the classes are 15 minutes each, with a 15-min. break in-between for Q&A & setup. The schedule is subject to change based on a number of factors. Here is a copy of the tentative schedule:

It is sort-of hard to read, but the legend for the instructors is as follows: BI = Bob Ives BT = Bob Taylor JT = James Tanner LB = Laurie Beardall GM = Gail Martinez

You might notice that I will be presenting almost every hour during the three-day conference. Right now, this is the plan but there is always a possibility that there may be conflicts so the schedule is somewhat flexible. 

If you have been to RootsTech before, you will find The Family History Guide booth, just past the Cyber-cafe where they have free sodas all day. You can also plug in your computers or whatever there. I will be splitting my time between the Media Center where the RootsTech Ambassadors hangout and The Family History Guide booth. In between, I will be talking and walking around to see the exhibitors. 

At the Brigham Young University Family History Library, we have been using The Family History Guide for some time to orient and teach the new missionaries as they begin their service. Recently The Family History Guide became a FamilySearch Partner and was linked from the website

Both my wife and I are convinced that The Family History Guide is currently the best instructional aid for family history that is available and after some thought, I decided there were few ways I could better spend my time at RootsTech 2017. If you are able to visit the conference, take a moment to say hello.

By the way, both my wife and I are unpaid, volunteers for the program. You also might notice in some of the promotional material and on the website for The Family History Guide that I am referred to as Dr. James Tanner. The title comes from my law degree and technically, in academic circles, I am a "Doctor." 

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