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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Desktop Indexing ended? And other changes to

I realize that this is a fuzzy image, but basically, it says that the desktop version of the Indexing program was discontinued "around December 31, 2017." The only way to do indexing presently is through the Web-based program.

I guess I missed the announcement that the desktop version was being discontinued. I do have to admit that with moving to Annapolis and working in the Maryland State Archives, I haven't done any indexing recently. But then even when I was doing some indexing, I was using the web-based program so I would not have noticed that the desktop program is no longer available. I am in three very active indexing groups. I will get busy and do some indexing.

To get started or to return to Indexing, go to Indexing. For step-by-step instructions, see The Family History Guide FamilySearch Project 5 on Indexing.

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