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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Some Interesting FamilySearch Statistics for the Beginning of 2018

Well, here we are with a new year: 2018. When I was much younger, my friends and I used to speculate where we would be in the Year 2000. It was almost unimaginable that we would be over 50 years old. Because of my interest in science and technology, I was a fan of the Popular Science magazine.

Almost every month, there were new predictions about the future. Guess what? The future turned out to be far different than I could ever have imagined. One of the things that no one at the time could have predicted was the availability of historical records online. But back then, I could not imagine that one day I would be volunteering to digitize records for the online collections.

As of the beginning of 2018, here are some notable statistics about the digital collections on the website:

  • Number of searchable names in the Historical Record Collections  5.84 Billion
  • Number of digital images online of historic documents 1.25 Billion
  • Digital images only published in the FamilySearch Catalog 618.3 Million
  • 3 year rolling average of images of indexed images published 284.5 Million
  • Number of Historical Record Collections 2279
  • Number of digital books online 352,963
  • Number of Family History Centers 5,082
  • Number of digital cameras in operation 306
Four of those digital cameras are here in Annapolis, Maryland. All of this was unimaginable back in 1963 and as a matter of fact, was unimaginable only about ten short years ago. 


  1. Sometimes I would like to know these numbers about FamilySearch myself for a class I'm planning to teach or for my own interest. Where do you find them?

    1. They are made available to Temple and Family History Consultants and Missionaries.

  2. I'm one of those and I am subscribed to all the newsletters and FamilySearch blog posts but don't often see statistics. Is there a website where they can be found?

    1. I get them from a number of different places. It is complicated.