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Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Family History Mission: Archives

Revolutionary War Pension Receipts
No. 51

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If you look close, you might recognize the following signature.

Yes, that is the original signature of the first President of the United States, George Washington. Here is a photo of the entire document.

This is an order discharging a soldier from the Army because of some disability, likely a war injury.

We have been processing Invalid Claims Receipts recently. As Missionary/Volunteers in the Maryland State Archives, one of the side benefits of working at digitizing the records is to actually get to see some of these historic records. Maybe it was your ancestor that was getting a pension from the U.S. government for being in the Army. Maybe, your ancestor was discharged with an order signed by George Washington. Maybe you would like the opportunity to find out that information. That is why we are here digitizing records. Almost every day, we see something remarkable. Maybe you would like that opportunity also. 


  1. What a wonderful service you are rendering and all the missionaries in so many places. Thanks for sharing some of your unique finds with us. I can only imagine how it makes you feel to hold these pieces of our history. Thank you.

  2. Right on! I'm hoping once your work gets online I'll discover more about my Lemuel Perin line who was an aid to GW in 1775-'76. Or maybe Thomas Whittington who lost his slaves to the Brits in 1812. His small plantation was just across the bay in Quean Ann.