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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Someone is deleting people in my family tree

The title to this post is a direct quote from a comment made to an old post. It must be time to once more visit the subject of ownership and changes to the Family Tree. Right off the bat, no one except you can delete people you have entered into the Family Tree. Yes, it is a collaborative, cooperative family tree and anyone who is registered can make changed, detach people from their relationships and add people and other information. What does this mean to a person who thinks that someone is deleting people from their family tree? Probably, absolutely nothing.

Just for the record here are a few blog posts on this subject and other related subjects:

I actually have 529 blog posts that talk about the Family Tree.


  1. They may not be able to delete them, but they can merge them and reject information, dates, etc, that you have put in, which feels very much like deleting!

    It's a thing. It's a frustration. I find that putting a "watch" on names makes people think twice. Back up, back up, back up. Also, the support people actually can undo stuff, even though it's a pain.

    1. Thanks for your summary of working on the Family Tree :-)