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Monday, April 16, 2018

A Family History Mission: Dorsey Graveyard at Home Depot

No. 53

Note: You can do a Google search for "A Family History Mission James Tanner" to see all the previous posts in this ongoing series. You can also search for "James Tanner genealogy" and find them or click back through all the posts.

Most towns in the West have one or maybe two large cemeteries. Smaller cemeteries are not unheard of but they are not usually located in a Home Depot parking lot. I had to drive over to this Home Depot and take a look for myself. Here is the photo of the "graveyard."

We drive by two larger cemeteries on our way to work at the Maryland State Archives every day, five days a week. Almost everywhere we go around Annapolis we find another graveyard. I guess we are in the right place to digitize probate records for family history.

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