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Sunday, May 13, 2018

BYU Family History Library Webinar Series Marches On

While I have been away from the Brigham Young University Family History Library, the volunteers and missionaries at the Library have been presenting and uploading a whole series of valuable videos to the BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel. As of the date of this post, the Channel has 6,624 subscribers and 361 videos over 430,000 views. Here are a few of the latest videos.

An Overview of The FH Guide by Wayne Washer

Using by Rayanne Melick

Learning to Love Family History...Research! by Kathryn Grant

English Research Finding Ancestors Using FreeReg Parish Registers - Kathryn Grant

I will likely do a series of webinars on my experiences digitizing documents when I get back to Provo. We'll have to see what happens. 

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