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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My Mexican Relatives

I got the following surprising notice from

I really did not know I had any relatives in Mexico. This is what I found when I clicked on the link.

The links to individuals is a scrolling set of links so I apparently have a total of 36 "Mexican" relatives. I checked a few and here is my relationship to one of the ones shown above.

As with all these "connection" programs, there is an underlying assumption that the relationships in the Family Tree are correct. Unfortunately, I find that the success average for these connections is quite low. However, it is interesting to know that I have quite a number of possible Mexican relatives. In the case of the relative shown above, there is nothing on his individual entry page showing that he lived in or had any association with Mexico. So before I get all excited about these connections, I would be doing a significant amount of research.

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