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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Carefully Using Record Hints

Record hints from FamilySearch on the Family Tree have become one of the beneficial features of the website. From time to time, I get emails directing me to a record hint for a suggested relative. However, we cannot just assume that these Record Hints pertain to our family or are our relatives. We need to carefully examine the links to the person and make sure the hint is to the right person in our own part of the Family Tree.

Here are the screens I get from the above link to see my relationship. I first have to sign in to the website then I get the following screen:

There are really multiple Record Hints and the one featured in my email message is the first one in the line. Here is the relationship to Carlyle Crawley:

This is a short line of links and I can readily determine that yes, I am related to this person. I have personally added the existing sources to each of these individuals. When I view this person, I can see other opportunities to clean up the Family Tree and add sources. 

There are already eight sources listed for this person so I can compare sources and make sure I have the right person. When I click on the link to show the details of the suggested changes and hints, I see the following summary page. 

I can now examine each of the hints and add them if needed. For more information about Record Hints on the Family Tree see The Family History Guide for the Family Search Family Tree. Here is the link to the part about Record Hints:

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