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Sunday, November 18, 2018

What are the "New Records" on FamilySearch?

Each month, I receive an updated email outlining the newly added records in the Historical Record Collections. Usually, the Digital Records column is all zeros. This month there are a few new digital records. Has FamilySearch stopped uploading new digital records? Absolutely not. I know that from first-hand experience digitizing records at the Maryland State Archives. But what is happening here?

Some time ago, FamilySearch made the decision to separate the announcement of new records by those that are indexed as opposed to those records that are only available as images. The image-only records are still being added to the website, but the list sent out each month mentions only those records that are indexed and thereby searchable. So where are all the unindexed records that are available?


I have been writing about this situation for the past couple of years and I still find that very few of the people I work with know that the bulk of the digitized records are only listed in the Catalog.
In short, you will find all of the records, including those in the Historical Record Collections, listed in the Catalog. Here is a short video I contributed to the Brigham Young University Family History Library YouTube Channel some time ago that explains how this works.

Where are the Digitized Records on - James Tanner

FamilySearch is still adding millions of new digital records, you just have to know where and how to look for them.

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