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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Further Look a Standardization of Places and Dates in the FamilySearch Family Tree

My recent post on entering places and dates into the Family Tree generated a significant amount of interest. It was clear to me that more needed to be said about this subject, however I do recommend the comments made to the previous post. See "Standard dates and places in the FamilySearch Family Tree."

First off, there are some detailed instructions on the process in the Help Center. See "Entering standardized dates and places" and "Recommending an addition or correction to standardized places."

There used to be a FamilySearch tool called the "Standard Finder" but it has been replaced with the Place Research Tool. Here is a screenshot.

Unfortunately, this helpful tool is tucked away somewhere in the website and there are no obvious links to it neither does it appear when you are editing a place name when you actually need it. It doesn't appear in the Get Help menu and it is not on any link that I can find in the website. It does appear in the App Gallery, which is also hidden away at the bottom of each page in the website.

I went into about an hour's worth of detail explaining how to enter information into the Family Tree in my video on the Brigham Young University Family History Library YouTube Channel. Here is a link to the video.

A Guide for Entering Information in the FamilySearch Family Tree - James Tanner

I have put standardization of places and dates into my list of topics to be covered in future videos, so I will cover all the points and issues raised in the blog posts and comments.

Now, there is also a very long and complete explanation of the process in a article by Gordon Collett entitled, "Date and Place Name Entry in Family Tree and How To Standardize Them."

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