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Friday, October 21, 2016

How do I get to the FamilySearch Partner Website Registration?

I finally found this very nice page about signing up for the current Partner Program but I have no idea how I got here. I recently wrote about the redesign of the Help Center. Previously, there was a icon link to the "Partners" and then another "Our Partners" link to get to a link to sign in to each of the available Partner websites. Now, there is no visible link to the Partner Programs to be found and the Get Help menu is not helpful and there is no link in the Help Center.

I tried to recreate my steps in finding the link to sign up for the Partner programs. Here is what I got when I type in "Partners" in the newly redesigned Help Center:

One of the options was an article on RootsTech 2013!!!

There is a link to an article that says "FamilySearch partner websites." That link takes me to another article shown here:

There is another link to the page shown above at the beginning of this post. Well, do I really have to remember all those steps?

Is there a shorter way to get to the Partner signup page?


  1. James, thanks so much for your wonderful and informative blogs. For the Partner signup page has been the go-to page and still seems to be working this morning. Changing my identity on blogspot is a separate issue. :-) Signed, Marilyn Cranford (not James Tanner's mom)

  2. Just google and it comes up.

    But it took some looking around to figure it out. There clearly needs to be a direct and easily found path from FS.

  3. You are right this is not friendly. The easiest way for experienced users is to type in /partneraccess after the url. Certainly not helpful to those just learning.

  4. I always just go straight to the website:

  5. Funnily enough, I know the answer to your question thanks to Nicky Smith's Geneanet video posted on BYU Family History just two days ago!
    So- Sign in on Family Search. Go to Help Center and look for an icon entitled Partners and , Voila! Thank you Nicky for saving me about five steps each time when helping people find those!
    By the way, I recently discovered the BYU Family History Library Videos/ Webinars and am ploughing my way through them and have learned so much. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the time and energy that clearly each one takes you! Thank you so very much! Now I'm following your blog!
    -Sarah J, Spring, Texas

    1. Except for one thing, the icons have disappeared from the first Get Help menu. Now it isn't that easy when you go to the Help Center.

  6. Oh and another quick link to the partner sites is to go to But having said that, the link doesn't work today.. stay tuned as I actually talked directly to the Program Manager ( here recently on business) and mentioned some issues with that method of access needing some tweaking. Maybe they are fixing it! Lol

  7. I use this link: and have it as a bookmark in my browser.