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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Family History Reports now available in Leader and Clerk Resources

Note: You might want to pass this along to your Ward and Stake Leaders. The notices will start to go out, but many may not become of aware of the availability of the reports for some time unless the family history community starts asking to see the reports.

Previously, the Family History Activity Reports (aka Key Indicator Reports now called FHAR) had been distributed only to the Stake Presidents or other leaders he designated. Beginning with the June 2017 reports, the newly redesigned Family History Activity Reports will be sent to a wider number of recipients, including Stake Temple and Family History Consultants and the Ward Temple and Family History Consultants -Lead. Most of the leaders in the Ward and Stake with Temple and Family History responsibilities should also have access to the reports. This distribution list may change over time. The reports will be made available to leaders and clerks and others through the Leader and Clerk Report (LCR) section of Your access to the LCR section depends on the description of your calling in the Member and Leader Services program or MLS. You should contact your Bishop, Stake President, Stake Clerk or Ward Clerk if you are supposed to receive the report and you cannot get access to the LCR section.

Details about the new reports and their distribution can be found in FamilySearch Blog post entitled, "New Family History Report Available in LCR." The FHAR includes five different sections showing different activities related to temple worship and family history. Please refer to the blog post for a detailed explanation.

Local Ward Temple and Family History Consultants should be made aware of the report and the report should be discussed in Ward Councils initiated by the High Priest Group Leader and used in deciding on the direction of the family history and temple work in the Ward.

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  1. Elder's Quorum presidents can see it. I'll bring it up during the next ward council.