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Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Family History Activity Reports now available directly to Temple and Family History Consultants

If you have a leadership calling in a Ward or Stake or have a calling as a Temple and Family History Consultant in a Ward or Stake, you now have access to the new Family History Activity Reports (FHAR). Some of the Temple and Family History Consultants may not be familiar with the Leaders and Clerks Resources (LCR) located in your personal pulldown menu on The menu is accessed by signing in to the website and then clicking on your name.

Access to the reports is contingent on the Stake or Ward Clerk in your Ward updating your designation as a Temple and Family History Consultant with the correct designation. If you cannot get access to the reports, you need to work with your Stake or Ward Clerk to get your calling correctly designated.

You can see more information about the reports in my previous post entitled, "Family History Reports now available in Leader and Clerk Resources."

For many of the Leaders and probably most of the Temple and Family History Consultants, the activity shown on the reports will highlight the serious challenge we have in the Church to increase our Temple and Family History activity. In some Wards and Stakes, the overall activity is running in the 3% range. Yes, that means that only 3% or so of the members are actively participating in finding names for the Temples. In addition, there are many Wards where the number of people with names in their portion of the Family Tree is only about 50% or so. This shows the great opportunity that the Wards and Stakes have to activate and assist their members in the work of identifying their kindred dead and taking their names to the Temples.

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  1. Mine just showed up yesterday. I think they're great. I hope they get the attention they deserve. But you know what they say, "You can lead a horse to water....."