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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Introducing Tree Sync BETA from

If you want fabulous news from #RootsTech 2018, then you don't have to go too far to find it. has announced a BETA version of their family tree program that will completely synchronize with the Family Tree. This is for LDS users who have or want to have a tree on both websites. Quoting from the Blog post entitles, "New FamilySearch Tree Sync (beta) allows FamilySearch users to synchronize their family trees with MyHeritage.'  The blog post also has instructions on how to get started.
For the past 2.5 years, MyHeritage and FamilySearch engineers have been developing together a unique feature — FamilySearch Tree Sync — that allows members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) to easily and accurately import a portion of their tree from FamilySearch into MyHeritage, and then keep their MyHeritage and FamilySearch trees synchronized. This feature is now released in a limited beta, and volunteers who are LDS members are invited to try it out. LDS members are entitled to receive free MyHeritage Data and PremiumPlus subscriptions which will give them access to more tools and historical records to further enhance their family history research. 
FamilySearch Tree Sync is only available and applicable to MyHeritage users who are also LDS Church members. Users of MyHeritage who are not LDS Church members will not have their trees synced to FamilySearch.
If you would like to try the BETA version of the program, you will need to follow these instructions:
FamilySearch Tree Sync is now in beta and requires an access code in order to participate. LDS members who want to try this integration can receive an access code by sending a request to If you are not an LDS member, you do not have the privileges on FamilySearch and this functionality does not apply to you. 
Once you have an access code, start by importing your FamilySearch tree from the FamilySearch MyHeritage partner page.
The BETA version (and I assume the final version) requires you to import a new "Tree Sync" copy of your portion of the family tree from to  I have had access to the program for some time and think it is great. I already have over 4400 Record Matches waiting to be added to my new family tree on The synchronization is seamless. When you add a source to it now appears as a source on the Family Tree. The synchronization process can take some time if, like me, you have a large family tree.

I will be writing a lot more about this new innovative and long awaited feature very soon.

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