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Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Clarence Dixon Taylor Missionary Endowment,

Once and a while some information comes along that needs to be disseminated a little more than usual. I got the following from one of my dear friends in Provo. I believe the notice is self-explanatory. I would suggest that they are looking for real, substantiated genealogical data and not just hoped-for connections.  The ID numbers are in the Family Tree.


            Henry Aldous Dixon was born in Grahamstown, Albany, Cape Province, South Africa, on March 14, 1835, just about 183 years ago. He died May 4, 1884, in Provo, Utah, at the age of 49. His years were few, his achievements many, honored to this day by his numerous descendants.
            In 1865 he married Sarah DeGrey (KWNN-8KX). This couple had eight sons and one daughter, Maria Louise (KWC8-Z7V) who was born January 5, 1872.
            Maria Louise Dixon was wooed and wed by Arthur Nicholls Taylor (KWC8-Z7X) in 1894, and over the years they had six sons and two daughters. Among the descendants of Maria and Arthur, there are General Authorities, Mission Presidents, Stake Presidents, Temple Presidents, Patriarchs, Bishops, and countless full-time missionaries.
            Clarence Dixon Taylor (“Uncle Bud”) is the sixth child (KWC8-BJW). In the early 1930’s he served a mission in the Union of South Africa, birthplace of his grandfather, Henry Aldous. Clarence was a prolific writer and family genealogist. He never married. Uncle Bud was greatly beloved by his 30 nieces and nephews. He was frugal and at the end of a long life, was able to establish a Missionary Endowment Fund at Deseret Trust in memory of his mother and father.
            The Trust is established to provide a remarkable benefit to young elders and sisters, couples, and senior sisters who are called to serve full-time missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints if they can demonstrate that they are descendants of Henry Aldous Dixon. This fund will cover up to half of the cost of each missionary’s monthly expense.
            The Trust was established in 2005, and in the intervening thirteen years, has provided assistance to over 100 missionaries and couples, all of whom have proven their descent. One remarkable aspect is the surprising profusion of previously unknown surnames. Herein lies a great mystery and challenge.

            The three trustees of the Clarence Dixon Taylor Missionary Endowment, all nephews, have done their best to spread the news of this “golden” opportunity throughout the family, through occasional newspaper ads, but principally by word of mouth. This has been somewhat successful, but we are convinced that there may be hundreds of qualified potential beneficiaries” out there” that we cannot find or identify, who would love to know of this opportunity if only they can be found. Please help us.

The contact information is as follows:
Contact Henry Dixon Taylor, Jr.


  1. Awesome opportunity for a descendant! The marriage date, I think, should be 1894. otherwise she would have been 12 years old.

  2. Thank you! I spread the word throughout the Clyde Johnson and Sarah Dixon Summerhays families!