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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mesa, Arizona FamilySearch Library: a case study

The Mesa FamilySearch Library serves 74 Stakes in the Phoenix/Mesa Metroplex (Arizona). They originally had a two-story building located across the street, just east of the Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple. It now operates from a much smaller building located at 464 E. 1st Avenue, Mesa Arizona 85204 at the NW corner of 1st Avenue and Lesueur on the west side of the temple. This is the much older building originally used to house the Mesa Family History Center years ago. We moved from Mesa nearly four years ago just before the 2-story building was going to be renovated. I have written about what happened to this wonderful family history center many times. You may want to read my post from 2016 for details. See "Whatever happened to the Mesa FamilySearch Library?"

Now two years after my previous articles, we find the Mesa FamilySearch Library in the same condition it was in after finally moving into the small building on the west side of the temple.

During that same time period, there are have been at least three other major construction projects for Family History Centers including Family Discovery Centers in Utah and another building announced. What happened to Mesa?

One thing we did not know back in 2014 when the bigger center closed, was that the Mesa, Arizona Temple would be closing for two years for renovation in May 2018, just two months or so from the date of this post. Part of the renovation is the closure of the Mesa Temple Visitors Center. We have no idea what the impact will be of the temple closure and the closure of the visitors center.

I hope that the Mesa FamilySearch Library will be given serious consideration. The missionaries and directors deserve to have an idea of their future. They do a fabulous job of teaching and holding conferences and other activities at the Library. It would be wonderful if they had a facility to support their efforts.

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