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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Why does FamilySearch hide all their programs?

With the new "personalized" home page on, all sorts of stuff keeps popping up. In this case, there was a little program that compares a photo of yourself to photos of your ancestors and shows who you look like by facial recognition software. Here is what I look like:

I guess I look like some of these ancestors, at least to the program. It is sort of interesting. But then I started to poke around a little bit and found this page.

Here are the rest of the "programs" on this page.

Hmm. Where is this page? Is there a link to the page or something on the website that tells us it is hiding away?

Here is the link which I copied from the URL.

Poking around some more, I found this page.

The more you poke the more you find. What else is out there?

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