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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Exploring Genealogy Series #9 Research on the FamilySearch Family Tree #4

Exploring Genealogy Series #9 Research on the FamilySearch Family Tree #4

Yes, this is another in the Exploring Genealogy Series. This video continues with the research of the Alexander Bragg family and I begin my focus on my direct line ancestor Sarah Bragg who apparently has a number of research issues and a possible second marriage. This particular video series documents my thought process in examining a particular family in the Family Tree. Because this is a multipart series, it may seem like I am moving rather slowly, but I am demonstrating each of the issues that need to be addressed when researching a family. From a superficial look at the Family Tree, you might conclude that "all the research had been done" on this family. But as my examination proceeds, you can see all of the issues that come to light including wrongly indexed records and problems with dates and the need to standardize dates and places.

This video, along with the others in this series are on my YouTube Channel.
If you search for the Channel, you need to search for "James Tanner Channel" and then you will see about a half a dozen "james tanners" and you can spot me from my photo. But I will continue to link the channel from these blog posts. If you subscribe to the Channel then you can find it readily from your subscription list on

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