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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One Page Genealogy

The Brigham Young University Family History Technology Lab has developed a free, online program called One Page Genealogy.

Most of these programs from the Technology Lab are closely associated with the Family Tree and the One Page Genealogy program works with the information you may already have in the Family Tree. If you click on the link for "My Tree" using FamilySearch, you can specify whether you want to look at an ascendancy chart or a descendency chart. You can also select the number of generations you want to involve.

When the One Page genealogy view comes up, you will probably have to make some adjustments to your screen such as rotate the image and zoom in or out, but the controls are right there in the program. This is what I got before adjustments.

A large viewing screen will give you an advantage with this program. I have a 27" screen so that helps.

There are a number of styles that you can choose and I suggest exploring them to find the one that works best for you. Here is the Full Detail Style.

From my point of view, this gives much more information and is more useful that the traditional fan chart with the same advantages. You can also rotate the view.

You can easily zoom in or out to see the details and you can click on any one person to see even more detail.

This is one of those programs where you say "Why haven't I been using this?" Here is another interesting feature of the programs.

You don't have to download the program to your own computer, it works entirely online.

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