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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pedigree Pie

The Brigham Young University Family History Technology Lab is a non-profit, student research lab sponsored by the Brigham Young University Computer Science Department. They have developed a number of genealogy based programs, some of which such as Relative Finder, have become "standards" for many genealogists around the world. Now they have developed a relatively new program called "Pedigree Pie."

This is an add-on to the Family Tree and you will need to log in to and have some data in the Family Tree to take advantage of this program. Once you have signed in, the program will automatically look at your portion of the data in the Family Tree and build a round graph showing the origin of your parentage.

If you have taken a DNA test, it is interesting to compare the results of this graph to your DNA test results. You can also change the graph to show the heritage of any other person in the Family Tree. Here is another graph showing what happens to the parentage when I move back one generation to my father.

As you move back on this line, the graph changes pretty dramatically. Here is my Grandfather's graph.

In this particular line, the ancestry becomes very much less diversified as I go back in time. You might want to give the program a try and see what you learn.

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