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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Why does FamilySearch Memories reject my submission?

Every time you upload a photo or document image to the Memories program, you will have to wait a short time while the document is "screened." This screening process is done by missionaries and volunteers to assure that the guidelines of the website are being followed. Some of these guidelines, or Rights and Use Information,  can be found at the bottom of the Overview page along with the Privacy Policy

But the Rules for images and stories uploaded to FamilySearch Memories resides in the Help Center.

The list of screening items is quite extensive. I will refer you to the list rather than reproduce it in its entirety. I am guessing the most common problem is with images or documents that appear to be copyright protected. There is a specific category for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints concerning certain Church related documents that are restricted. If you have any questions about a particular image that you feel was inappropriately marked as restricted or prevented from been uploaded, you should send you comments with a detailed explanation to FamilySearch using the Feedback link at the bottom of most of the pages. Be sure to include the ID numbers of any people that may be involved in the document or image. But I would suggest that you review the guidelines before sending in any type of appeal.

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