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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Regional Trainers Help with The Family History Guide
You may not be aware of all of the resources of The Family History Guide website. The extent of the information and links to valuable instructional material is almost overwhelming. But fortunately, it the website is highly structured and you can easily find pertinent information or follow the sequenced instruction at your own pace. The idea of the website is to provide a huge organized set of instructions for all levels of participation in family history; beginner to expert.

In addition, The Family History Guide is creating mentors around the world who volunteer to assist others with their family history at all levels or can do a presentation at an event or conference in your area. There are three levels of Regional Trainers.

  • A Volunteer
  • A Training Specialist
  • A Geo Developer and Manager

Details about these levels of training are available on the "What is a Regional Trainer?" page of the website.
You may also be unaware that The Family History Guide provides a structured set of classes and training resources. Let's suppose that you have been called or volunteered to serve as a FamilySearch Family History Consultant. Where would you go for your training materials? What would you use to teach a class or do a presentation? The answer is The Family History Guide. Yes, there are a few materials incorporated in the website a few more on the website, but not nearly enough to provide answers to all of the questions that arise when helping others with their family history. The Family History Guide has a structured approach to all those materials and much, much more.

Now, what if you want to take your expertise to a higher level? What if you want to become a valuable family history person? Then the only place you will find a free, structured, and sequenced way to do this is by working your way through The Family History Guide. Then if you aspire to become really proficient, you can become a Regional Trainer. Being a Family History Consultant and having the knowledge and expertise to actually fulfill your calling can be a challenge. Let The Family History Guide help you to become competent and proficient.

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