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Monday, December 18, 2017

A Family History Mission: A Family History Opportunity

The Christmas Tree in the foyer of the Missionary Training Center
No. 11

Note: You can do a Google search for "A Family History Mission" to see all the previous posts in this ongoing series. You can also search for "James Tanner genealogy" and find them.

We continued our trip across the United States and stopped off in Sidney, Nebraska on Saturday night. We got up and attended the Sidney Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sunday morning. Even though we were concerned about keeping this marathon drive going, we decided to stay for the entire block of meetings. It turned out that the Ward had a Family History Center and both Ann and I were able to sit one-on-one and help two people with their genealogical research. Ann was able to use her knowledge of Swedish research to help a lady whose mother came from Sweden and I helped someone who had a brick wall issue. Using the Consultant Planner, I will also be able to continue helping him with his family long distance. Interestingly, we had previously decided to stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming but we got there so early, we changed our mind and drove further to Sidney. All this happened so that we could help two people with their family research.

We have been concerned about the weather, but so far the roads have been dry and there have been only a few drops of rain or snow. We drove as far as Lincoln, Nebraska and decided to stop for another night.

Those who are interested in family history need to be proactive in helping others.


  1. Go Tanners, GO! It is so interesting to hear your exploits.

  2. Now that I'm following this blog in addition to the Genealogy Star, I'm enjoying hearing the details of your mission starting in December. I love how you and Ann acknowledge that you were inspired to keep driving to help two people in Sidney.