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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New Training Resources on

Sorry about the premature post. :-(

The Consultant Planner contains a link to some exciting new training resources. First, you have to go to the Consultant Planner under the Get Help menu in the upper right-hand corner of

When you look at the Consultant Planner, you will see a new notice:

Click on the link. You will then see the following page:

Then, click on the Resources tab for more options:

Try out all the new links and resources. If you click on the "Basics" link, for example, you will see the following links:

Guess what? the Family History link and the Computer Basic Link each link to The Family History Guide.

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  1. I just heard back from consultants I was training in my home ward before we left on our mission. I forwarded this post to them and they got very excited. Said they thought they lost us but now they know we still love and care about them.
    Your work is appreciated, keep it up.