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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Search FamilySearch Records at Home posted a more detailed account of the location of all of the records right after my last post about the Catalog. They must be seeing the same issues I am seeing with people not knowing about all the records. I suggest that you read and teach what is in this blog post. 

Here is the link:

However, what is missing from the explanation is the fact that there are millions of digitized records that have been added to the Catalog that are not available in the Historical Record Collections and cannot be searched except by locating them in the Catalog and searching them just as you would a roll of microfilm. However, such searches have been somewhat expedited by the fact that the records are filtered using a method of "waypoints." For example, the digitized records are organized by location and year. 

I will continue to write about this issue in subsequent blog posts. 

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