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Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Family History Mission: Traffic, Traffic and more Traffic

No. 14

Note: You can do a Google search for "A Family History Mission" to see all the previous posts in this ongoing series. You can also search for "James Tanner genealogy" and find them.

We almost made it to Annapolis but stopped about two hours away because it was getting too late after driving all day. We found out that the Washington, D.C. North Mission was having an all day, all Districts meeting at a Stake Center. We got to the meeting a little late due to traffic but had a wonderful time attending a missionary meeting and then with a very good lunch. We also got to be part of a photo of all the missionaries in the Mission. We then drove across town to our new-to-us apartment.

We were quickly involved in the reality of trying to drive anywhere in and around D.C. The traffic is intense: sort of like Utah Valley on steroids. The photo above is not one of mine, it is a stock photo, but it does show pretty much what we saw driving on the Washington Beltway. Traffic will be a part of our lives for the next year.

We arrived at our apartment, or so we thought, and could not get the key to work. There was nothing wrong with the key, we had been given the wrong apartment number. We finally got that figured out and got moved into the correct apartment, but then we realized how many different address changes we had made using the wrong apartment number. We started into getting the internet set up, changing all the changes in addresses we had made over the past week or so and started unpacking. By the next morning, we had internet (or I wouldn't be writing) and food and started to get the addresses changed again.

Annapolis is supposed to be a lovely place, but so far I haven't seen anything since I have my eyes glued to the road and all the traffic. I am sure that we will have a good time here despite the traffic. We have been contacted by the FamilySearch missionaries in the Maryland State Archives and will be meeting with them soon. 


  1. That's traffic on a good day! Wait until it snows (or just threatens to snow) - you and Ann will laugh when you see how quickly everything shuts down. Hope to see you soon!