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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Entirely New View on FamilySearch Family Tree

In between my morning class and the one in the early afternoon, completely updated the Family Tree program. Here is the new look to an individual's Detail page. The main changes are to the Family Members section:

This is sort-of a no net gain/no net loss change. I mean that it doesn't affect the operation of the program and it doesn't seem to add any features or functionality that wasn't already there. If I am wrong and missing something, I suppose someone will leave a comment correcting my error. The little icon on the redesigned children and spouses is a link to edit the relationship. The empty photo circles just seem decorative at the moment, but who knows (except FamilySearch) what might happen to the program before my next class.


  1. I think the big change is that the Edit Relationship icon is now visible all the time. In the past I think you had to hover to see it.

    1. Right, but perhaps that isn't an improvement.

  2. After reading your "avalanche" post from a few days ago, I felt the same way about the new change. It was as if the ground fell away from under me when I saw the new interface.
    I know adapting to change is hard. Previous changes were to views I rarely use so I didn’t care. This change is to the view I use 3 hours per day. My immediate feeling was “yuck, it is too busy”. After using it for a few hours my feeling is “yuck, my brain can’t filter out all of the irrelevant information to find what I really need.” I hope I get used to it in time or familysearch adds an option to turn off the clutter.
    My opinion is that I don’t need the portraits here. They are on the top of the page anyway. And besides, that functionality is not even available yet. When I go to my details page, I still only see the portrait icon, not the pictures which are already in the system for my children.

  3. I think what we may be seeing is a move toward making the internet version of Family Tree more like the Mobile version. More responsive. Allowing clicks or pushes, rather than hovering. You can't hover the mouse on a mobile device because there is no mouse. Only a finger push. Thus Ted's observation. And I agree, I bet photos will be added to the children, where available.