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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Introducing Virtual Pedigree

Some time ago, I visited the Family History Technology Lab at Brigham Young University and had a demo of the beginning development of the Virtual Pedigree program. As described by the Lab,
Virtual Pedigree uses a dynamic expansion algorithm to expand the tree where you want to navigate. Virtual Pedigree allows you to intuitively navigate your tree without ever loading a new page. (spelling and typos corrected)
The program is now FamilySearch certified and connects to information on the Family Tree. As always, at this point, I have to note that the information presently in the Family Tree may not be accurate unless you have spent the time adding sources and correcting the information.

Essentially, the program provides a more intuitive and direct view of the information contained in the Family Tree.

The information shown on the view of the pedigree is scalable and contains a series of icons marking various issues with the data. Here is an image of an enlarged view.

Here is a view showing a reduced view of the Family Tree.

The icons indicate the following:

  • Missing death date
  • Missing birth date
  • Missing location information
  • Cycle in the tree (i.e. a loop)
  • Probably doesn't have children
  • Maybe has children
  • Probably has children
  • Missing Parents
This program gives you an alternative method of visualizing the information in the Family Tree while providing a more efficient method of navigation. You may wish to check it out. Of course, it is free. 

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  1. Now there's MORE research to do! I found a great list of "low hanging fruit" for one of my paternal ancestors by following the link in this blog post.